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  • Who do i have to contact first after a water, fire or mold damage, my insurance company or my Restoration Company?"
    After a disaster (water, fire or mold damage) your first contact should be your Restoration Company. A Restoration company job is to inspect the affected areas, take photos, assess the extension of the damage, provide a photo report, provide an initial estimate, all this in order to offer a professional service and prevent any possible secondary damage and also provide your insurance company with all the necessary information. Wathever is always good to contact your insurance company to make a claim, and make sure your policy covers the mitigation/restoration srvices.
  • Can my remodeling contarctor do mold remediation?
    Imagine your remodeling contractor is in the middle of a renovation and discovers mold. What do you do now? Can your remodeling contractor "take care of" the mold too? Is he qualified? Maybe your remodeling contractor is even claiming to know how to address the mold issue properly or saying they've "done it before". Do they really know what they're doing? Is there any reason to be concerned? Should you seek out a separate company specializing in Mold Remediation? The fact is, while your contractor may do great work, he's not prepared for or properly trained to perform Mold Remediation. Mold Remediation requires extensive knowledge and understanding of the proper processes and the inherent pitfalls. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to contract with an experienced Mold Remediation Company that specializes in that service. We at SAGA LLC are not only specialized in Mold Remediation, but we are also specialists in water mitigation, Fire restoration, hazardous clean up, etc...
  • How long it takes to complete a mitigation project?
    What you need to know is that every job is diferent and requires a unique inspection, assesment and manage process. Usually a water mitigation and mold remediation project usually takes from 3-5 days to complete before we can start the reconstruction process. A fire job, depends on the extension of the damage can take from 3-5 days in the best cases and between a week or two if fire/smoke affects a large part of the house.
  • Do i need to pay before or after services are performed?
    Every Company is diferent and have diferent billing methods. At SAGA LLC we will be able to work together with the insurance company and homewner. Usually work is performed first as an "emergency service" and you are able to provide your insurance company with all documentation provided by you restoration company and they will make a direct payment. In some cases homeowners decide to pay right after services are completed and bill insurance company later for a reimbursement. If insurance company is not able to cover the loss due "X" factor some restoration companies will work with you to offer a payment plan.
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